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Hidden Hills is an aspirational watch brand founded by self-made entrepreneur & internet millionaire Phil Duffney. After traveling the world in his twenties, from the hills of California to the marinas of Monaco and the temples of Thailand, Phil quickly acquired an insatiable desire for freedom and the finer things in life.

In 2020, with the dream of instilling these values in a brand, Phil started Hidden Hills. In an attempt to create a product of real meaning, he chose to build Hidden Hills around the only true luxury we all share; time. Phil envisioned Hidden Hills as a premium watch brand that would truly resonate with individuals like himself, aspiring to leave their mark on the world and live a life worth remembering.


For Phil, creating a standard wristwatch wasn't an option. Hidden Hills would create premium watches and provide more exclusivity than other comparable brands. By accompanying every watch produced with a serialized authenticity card, Hidden Hills could guarantee any watch owner's ability to validate their watch and registration details at any time; ensuring their watch is authentic, registered, and produced in a limited quantity.

Next, Hidden Hills would source the finest in Swiss movements to power every watch. Founded in 1946 in Lausen, Switzerland, Ronda AG is a renowned manufacturer of industry-leading wristwatch movements used by many of the world's most esteemed luxury brands such as Gucci, Versace, and Montblanc. By using Ronda movements in all Hidden Hills watches, Phil could guarantee that Hidden Hills timepieces earn their way into the upper echelon of the watch world.

Finally, every Hidden Hills watch would be given a sapphire glass face to provide unparalleled scratch resistance, followed by a water resistance rating of 5ATM or 10ATM, once again emphasizing Hidden Hills' commitment to superior quality.

Becoming a part of Hidden Hills and wearing our watches means embracing your dreams and fostering an unshakable determination to achieve your goals and create the lifestyle you aspire to live. Remember, success is a journey, not a destination, and we are committed to accompanying you every step of the way.

To keep your aspirations and motivation at the forefront, we pledge unwavering support in ensuring your Hidden Hills watch keeps time precisely with every second. To accomplish this, every watch comes backed by a Global Warranty for repair or replacement. No questions asked.
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